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Senior Developer Specialist

Elfar Þórarinsson

elf@businessmann.dk+45 48 88 88 50
Our Senior Developer Specialist Elfar is a Bioinformatics PhD with a knack for cloud infrastructure. He's your go-to expert for full stack and DevOps, making technology simpler and more efficient in the age of serverless computing.

Pedro Martinez Saiz

pma@businessmann.dk+45 43 14 26 00
Pedro is a Pro in Computer Vision. Need to solve a problem using AI? Reach out to Pedro – he'll guide you and find ways to automate your processes effectively.

Dennis Bitsch Larsen

dbl@businessmann.dk+45 24 27 14 11
Our CCO is a Technology leader within the IT Infrastructure space, boasting 25+ years of comprehensive expertise spanning people management, business processes, staffing, outsourcing, and finance; fluent in the intricate language of IT infrastructure and technology.

Leif Elgaard Høj

leh@businessmann.dk+45 44 14 19 80
Meet Leif, our forward-thinking CTO who drives strategic products and service development initiatives with a focus to deliver new transformative AI custom solutions to the market.