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Computer Vision

Quality Control

Our AI-powered Quality Control system accelerates production speed, reduces labor costs, and enhances overall productivity across industries. With streamlined processes and automated inspections, you will achieve higher profitability while maintaining top-notch quality standards.

Radartool Box

Tracking Boats

Our advanced system detects and tracks boats in real-time video streams, providing top-notch detection quality. Gain insights into the number of boats in the marina, daily arrivals, available dock spaces, and the daily flow of boats. With our technology, managing your marina becomes smooth sailing, ensuring a steady course towards success, safety and lots more.

Computer Vision

Label Inspection

Our Label Inspection solution is ideal for factories across various industries, where products require accurate labeling.
With a combination of cutting-edge technology and existing technical infrastructure, we deliver efficient and precise label inspections. Save time and ensure quality compliance, guaranteeing smooth production processes and customer satisfaction, safety and lots more.

Computer Vision & AR

Line Clearence

Experience a revolution in line clearance with our AI and VR-powered solution. Automate report generation, enhance detection capabilities, and achieve up to 50% reduction in line clearance time. Our innovative technology streamlines your production process, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures top-notch quality control, delivering significant cost savings and boosting overall efficiency.

Computer Vision

Shopping Behavior

Unlock valuable insights into customer behavior with our cutting-edge Customer Behavior Analysis solution. Our real-time people detection within retail stores, coupled with automatic hot spot identification, provides actionable data for store performance and customer experience improvement. Analyze footfall in specific areas, such as shelf attention and queue times, with our privacy-preserving Edge Computer Vision technology.