Computer Vision For Label Detection

Food Manufactory
Python, Nvidia, Yolov8, IoT


Optimizing Label Inspection in a Luxury Candy Factory using Computer Vision and IoT (Edge AI)  A luxury candy factory was applying artificial intelligence for label inspection, aiming to enhance their production efficiency. However, their existing computer vision system could only process 12 candy jars per minute, which prompted them to seek improvements.


Our team implemented an advanced computer vision solution, customly created for label inspection in the manufacturing process. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and image processing techniques, we achieved an impressive 150% increase in production capabilities, enabling the inspection of 30 candy jars per minute compared to the previous rate of 12 jars per minute. Our goal was to optimize the speed of the label inspection process while ensuring precise label placement directly above the candy jar emblem. The focus of our solution was to accurately detect and verify if the label was applied in alignment with the candy jar emblem.

Reducing inspection time by 60%


Our computer vision-based label inspection solution had a transformative impact on the candy manufacturing plant's operations. By automating the inspection process, we achieved a remarkable 150% increase in productivity, enabling the inspection of 30 candy jars per minute compared to the previous rate of 12 jars per minute. This significant improvement in production speed resulted in faster identification of properly labeled candy jars, reducing inspection time by 60%. Furthermore, the enhanced accuracy and efficiency of the label inspection process ensured a higher percentage of high-quality products reaching the market. The implementation of our streamlined label inspection solution led to improved overall manufacturing workflow, optimizing resource allocation and contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective production line.

150% increase  in productivity


Optimizing for high-speed inspection without compromising accuracy

One of the main challenges we encountered was achieving a balance between speed and accuracy during the label inspection process. Our team fine-tuned the computer vision algorithms and hardware setup to ensure fast and reliable identification and validation of labels without compromising quality.

Adapting to multilingual and international requirements

Considering the diverse customer base of the luxury candy manufacturing plant, it was important to implement a system that could efficiently sort labels based on languages and countries. Our solution integrated language detection algorithms and country-specific label categorization to effectively meet these requirements.

Streamlining production and removing defective products

In addition to label inspection, our solution included an automated mechanism to remove defective products from the production line. This further enhanced the overall production efficiency by ensuring that only high-quality candy jars reached the packaging and distribution stages.